Bansuri Flutes made in Corfu


My name is Philippe, some friends call me Nishanka.
I live since 15 years in Corfu, a beautiful island on the North-West coast of Greece.
I love music and the sound of bamboo flutes.
This passion drove me to craft my own flutes.
If you are also a flute lover and looking for a beautiful handcrafted instrument
You are welcome to connect.

4 Responses to Bansuri Flutes made in Corfu

  1. Werner Sternath says:

    I am looking for a professional bansuri flute blown front

  2. Hi Philippe
    Hope youre well. I want to know if you will be holding any workshops this summer 2018 for making the bansuri flutes. I am interested in this as a birthday present for a friend who plays the bansuri and wants to learn how to make the instrument.

    Thank you

    • nishanka2012 says:

      Hi. Nobody showed interest so far so…sorry but I don’t know. I would need 3 people for the workshop to take place. I ‘ll let you know.

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