Flute making workshop – summer 2017

The workshops will happen the weeks from 17 to 24 of June and / or from 26/08 to 02/09/2017. I need 3 persons minimum for a workshop to happen…
About 6 years ago, I started to craft my own bamboo flutes, also called Bansuri.
Each piece of bamboo, each flute that I craft is unique in its appearance as well as in its tonality and sound.
And so will be yours. Each one of you will make his own beautiful and well-tuned instrument ready to play.
We will be working with Assam bamboo (well known for its musical quality) that I import from India.
During the workshop I will guide you through all the steps, from choosing a piece of bamboo to make a flute appropriate for you, to the binding of the flute in the end.
The workshop will be 4 Days, about 2,5 hours a day from 10h30 to 13h. The group will be between 3 to 5 people maximum.
About the Ouranos Club, where I work :
The Club is a facility located on the North-West side of the Beautiful Island of Corfu – Greece.
It offers meditative and creative holidays. Beaches are very nearby and there is plenty of sunshine.

For contact :

phone: 00302663051880

Please connect with me or  Petra from the Ouranos Club if you want more information or for reservation. If possible, I would like to know 1 month before if you intend to participate. I hope to see you here in Corfu.


9 Responses to Flute making workshop – summer 2017

  1. Olga Emmanuel says:

    Hello Philippe,
    I may be interested in the flute-making workshop. Where in Corfu is the Ouranos Club? How does one get there?
    Do you make regular recorders or bansuri-type recorders?
    How much would room, board and workdshop cost for 5 days?
    Have some specific days for the workshops been determined?

    • nishanka2012 says:

      Hello Olga.
      I make only bansuri type flutes.
      The Ouranos Club, where I work, is near Arillas on the Nord-west coast of Corfu.
      I don’t know exactly how much cost a room + half pension in the Club, I can ask.
      There are accomodations possible also outside the Club.
      The workshop for 3-4 days would cost 150 euros.
      This year, I was counting on some guests from the Club to gather 3-4 people but this is not happening.
      So, I don’t have any dates this summer except for a mini 2 hours workshop that I offer on the 12 of July, as part of the music and silence festival, here in Arillas.
      For next year, I will fix 2 dates in the summer. Please tell me when would be a good time for you…
      Thanks for contacting me.

  2. Olga Emmanuel says:

    Hi Philippe,
    Thanks for your response.
    I don’t know my schedule for next summer but please keep me informed.
    If you made a bansuri flute for me, how much would it cost? How long would it take you?
    Take care,

    • nishanka2012 says:

      Hello Olga.
      Thanks for your interest. I will keep you informed.
      I have quite a few flutes ready now. They have different prices depending on the size and tonality C, A, G, E…, between 70 and 100 euros.
      I can send them in PVC pipes for security. Where do you live ?

  3. Olga Emmanuel says:

    I live in Athens. However, I could ask a friend who is or will soon be coming to Corfu for vacation, if she could bring one back for me.
    I don’t know much about flutes and wouldn’t know which tonality I should get. I can ask a friend who is also willing to teach me… unless you can advise me.
    I have in the past used a standard recorder.
    Thanks, cheers,

    • nishanka2012 says:

      Hello Olga. Have a look at the new dates for the flute making workshop , summer 2017…
      Friendly greetings. Philippe

      • OLGA EMMANUEL says:

        Thank you, Phlippe. It was good to hear from you.
        I’ll see how my program goes and will let you know in time.
        I had a look at the site and, although my German is not that great, Ouranos Club looks nice and the “courses” offered interesting.
        I will need more information regarding prices and how to get there from the town of Corfu. When I’m ready, I’ll call Petra for details.
        Is the main language German? I suppose you speak French and English.
        Have a happy 2017!

      • nishanka2012 says:

        Hello Olga.
        Have a happy 2017 too.
        If you don’t want to stay in the Club, which would be more expensive for you, you can also stay in a studio private. I could help you find one if you want. The guests in the Club are 99% German speaking but usually everybody knows English and the course will be in English language. Petra speaks Greek and I also can speak it etsi ketsi…
        Thanks for your reply.

  4. nishanka2012 says:

    Hi Olga. Have a happy 2017 too.
    If you don’t want to stay in the Club, which would be more costly for you, you can also take a studio private. I could help you find one if you want. Guests in the club are 99% German speaking but usually everybody knows English and the workshop will be in English. Petra knows Greek. I speak also Greek so and so…
    Thanks for your reply.

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