Caring for your instrument


Any impact of any sort should be avoided. A hard knock can create a small, hard-to-notice surface crack, and any quick change in temperature or humidity could cause the crack to erupt into a split down the entire flute. When moving the flute, keep it in a padded flute bag to keep it safe. Under normal use, it will not crack. However, pay attention not to subject the bamboo to quick temperature and climate changes. If such is the case, leave the instrument in its protective environment for 5 to 10 minutes before taking it out to play. Playing a bamboo instrument outdoor on a cold day is not recommended. The hot breath passing through the bamboo will make too drastic a drop in temperature in too short of a time resulting in sudden contraction of the bamboo – instant crack! The condensation inside the instrument should be wiped dry after playing.

The inside wall should be oiled twice a year depending on the frequency of use and climate. I use flaxseed oil. The stopper cork is set at its optimal location, do not  move it. The binding is designed to prevent the bamboo from expanding and contracting too much, which is the main reason for cracking. It should not be removed and it won’t come loose with normal use. I use waxed cotton strings.


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