About me


My first love was Celtic Music, cultural heritage of Brittany, France, where I was born .
Then came rock and roll, progressive rock, blues and Jazz.
They all had their beauty for me and touch different places inside.
I started to play traditional Celtic wind instruments from Brittany when I was a teenager. I also played guitar and saxophone for a while.
I was very much inspired to buy my first transverse flute after a journey to India when I became a disciple of the spiritual master Osho.
Now, I like more to listen to softer meditative music, although I still like sometimes the raw power of rock.
During one of my journeys in India, I felt in love with the Bansuri, the bamboo flute of North India. I bought myself some flutes and found a teacher – Suryaneel – who studied with the grate master Hariprasad Chaurasia.
Since then, I rarely use my silver flute, preferring the more mellow natural sound of the bamboo.
Handcrafting flutes for me is a dream comes true, a sharing of my love for music and the flute.


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