Handcrafted Flutes


I use bamboo from Assam, India.
Each piece of bamboo is unique. It is a living organism from nature.
It has a different shape, size, diameter, thickness, etc…
It is crafted to produce its very best tone.
It takes a lot of caring and fine hand work.
It is always a wonder and joy to see what comes out of each piece.
Each flute is accurately tuned at A = 440 Hz . A lot of time is needed for each flute, to obtain good professional quality.
The flutes can be done for right or left handed flute players.
The flutes have 7 or 8 holes + the blowing hole.
Only 6 holes are covered with the fingers, the 7th and 8th are for the tonality.
I craft different sizes of flutes for different tonalities,
using the western tampered scale.
When the 6 holes are covered, then lifting fully one finger after the other till all the holes are open will produce a Major western scale.
Chromatic scales can be done by covering half holes.


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